3 in the green…in my #Instagram #Story

I should probably stop posting to my Instagram Story and pay attention huh?


So…….lots of stuff on the dashboard of an aircraft.


BTW-The buttons that says “FIRE” doesn’t fire the missiles. Think of it more like fire extinguishers. #SafetySur



How much turkey should I buy? #DFT2013 #Dreamlifter

Well, I have to feed two families this Thanksgiving.

I wonder how many turkeys should I buy? One? Two? Three? Three thousand?


I wonder how much peanut oil I’ll need to buy? 3 gallons? 5 gallons? 10 gallons?

Frick, I got 7-days to get my operation in check. No pressure now.

And I hope not to burn the house down.

Maybe I’ll have that Boeing Dreamlifter delivery a bunch of turkeys to me.


I bet they could land that thing at CGF right?

Punch it Chewy!


Possible deployment – update: 11-13-13 at 1530 #Haiyan #Yolanda #Typhoon #Hurricane

Possible deployment: Philippines

City: Guiuan, Eastern Samar

Flight Plan: CLE – JFK – Manila – Guiuan (Manila to Guiuan via C-130)

Duration: 10-days


Report from Rep in Philippines (Boots on the ground)

“…worse that Haiti”


Landing Zone (LZ) not confirmed secured.

Escort from LZ to Base of Operations (BOO) not confirmed.

Status of BOO unconfirmed.


No Situational Report (SitRep) provided by military AFP in last 2 hours on status.

More details as the team continues to assess situation.


Your crisis response plan should not include spray paint #PIO

Thai Airways had a front landing gear failure upon landing at Bangkok.

As part of their crisis plan, they spray painted/blacked out their company logo from the aircraft.

Ahem…despite your vehicles, apparatus, aircraft, etc….getting into an accident, do not try to spray paint your logo off the rigs.

Here to help illustrate the point, check this short video out.

Kudos to those crazy Taiwanese animation folks.