3 in the green…in my #Instagram #Story

I should probably stop posting to my Instagram Story and pay attention huh?


So…….lots of stuff on the dashboard of an aircraft.


BTW-The buttons that says “FIRE” doesn’t fire the missiles.¬†Think of it more like fire extinguishers. #SafetySur



How much turkey should I buy? #DFT2013 #Dreamlifter

Well, I have to feed two families this Thanksgiving.

I wonder how many turkeys should I buy? One? Two? Three? Three thousand?


I wonder how much peanut oil I’ll need to buy? 3 gallons? 5 gallons? 10 gallons?

Frick, I got 7-days to get my operation in check. No pressure now.

And I hope not to burn the house down.

Maybe I’ll have that Boeing Dreamlifter delivery a bunch of turkeys to me.


I bet they could land that thing at CGF right?

Punch it Chewy!