National Interagency Fire Center Wildfire memorial

I was fortunate to make a stop at the National Interagency Fire Center

This is where the so many HotShots train and hone their skills

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation sought a special way to recognize firefighters after the loss of 14 lives during the 1994 South Canyon Fire. The Foundation partnered with the National Interagency Fire Center to pursue creation of a monument. Generous donations and tireless work of countless volunteers transformed a section of parking lot into a peaceful park. The Monument was officially dedicated in a ceremony on May 25, 2000.

So many placards displaying fallen Firefighters.

My SnapChat has a more in-depth story including better views w/ Spectacles.


If you ever get out to Idaho, check it out.

Be safe peeps.



Marching right in…is March!

Marching right in…is March!

In the first full week, as 1Q starts to close out, I will be finishing up my yearly requirements including compliance and yearly required classes/re-certifications from the agencies I represent.

Second week, I’ll head to Boise to teach some advanced social media courses. Keep your eyes peeled for me in Idaho!

Third week, I’m headed down to Anniston for some FEMA Mission Ready Training with my favorite HQ peeps. Now you know, I wanted to attend the 2017 NEMA Mid-Year Planning Conference, but I just can’t swing it this year.

Then the fourth week, is packed with teaching some new peeps from Woodlawn, everyone’s favorite, ICS-400: Advanced Incident Command System (ICS).


Is it spring yet?