Packing March 2019 in!

March is marching in as we say hello to another busy month!

First week, will be a few foundation courses focused on Planning P and of course how we as EM pros formulate a proper Incident Action Plan (IAP). These kinds of classes allow EM pros of all levels to hone their skills in training because during a disaster, there are no room for errors or second guessing.

Second week, headed to central Illinois to teach Tornado awareness with one of the premiere national broadcast Meteorologist Dr. John Scala. Then we have our big weather event on Saturday March 16 – Advanced Severe Weather Seminar at Wheaton College! Looking forward to seeing about all of our 500 attendees.

Third week, we are breaking out double-double as we pop FEMA’s Continuity of Operations Class taught by your favorite Master Continuity Practitioner….me! Then on Thursday and Friday, we are nailing down the FEMA EOC Operations course at OHSEM.

Fourth week will be a diverse ICS-300 course with heavy discussion likely on Unified Command, City vs County vs State response, Command issues, as well as wildfire coordination and resource support for large incidents.

If you are counting right, that’s 10 classes.

Glad to support the mission.


Marching right in…is March!

Marching right in…is March!

In the first full week, as 1Q starts to close out, I will be finishing up my yearly requirements including compliance and yearly required classes/re-certifications from the agencies I represent.

Second week, I’ll head to Boise to teach some advanced social media courses. Keep your eyes peeled for me in Idaho!

Third week, I’m headed down to Anniston for some FEMA Mission Ready Training with my favorite HQ peeps. Now you know, I wanted to attend the 2017 NEMA Mid-Year Planning Conference, but I just can’t swing it this year.

Then the fourth week, is packed with teaching some new peeps from Woodlawn, everyone’s favorite, ICS-400: Advanced Incident Command System (ICS).


Is it spring yet?