Final thoughts for my week of #JuryDuty

Despite the great views of downtown Cleveland, there was jury business to tend to.


During the jury breaks, it is always nice to see the new construction.


Deliberation was held in a sequestered room. Not really fancy stuff, but it allows for open conversation amongst all jurors.


And if you were wondering, yes we might need a J.

The jury rendered verdicts on four different charges

1. Not guilty.

2. Not guilty.

3. Not guilty.

4. Guilty

After the trial was over, Judge Sheehan brought us up to his quarters and answered questions from the jury. That was great because jurors often have questions they cannot ask in court.


What have I learned?

  1. The process is in place for a reason.
  2. Jury duty is real.
  3. Lots of moving parts in the court system.
  4. Real court is nothing like what’s on TV or in movies.
  5. Cases aren’t as clear-cut as you think.
  6. Small details make a big difference.
  7. If you are summoned to serve jury duty, you should do it.

When you serve your civic duty, I hope you learn a lot too.

Now nothing to be afraid of or worried about.

Special thanks to Cuyahoga County Judge Brendan Sheehan and Cuyahoga County PIO Darren Toms for the additional information.

I’d serve on jury duty again.


Spin the wheel for #JuryDuty!

On entering the Justice Center from Lakeside Avenue, look to your immediate left.


Back in the day, this all wood contraption was how the courts choose you for jury duty. Yep – a simple spin of the wheel gets you assigned. C’mon Vanna! Heck, I’m even more impressed that someone hasn’t smashed this thing out of frustration.

In all honesty, it’s really amazing how the judicial system has progressed over the years…esp the random population of the pool. From our initial court briefing, they pull potential jurors from voter registration stats because they feel that those who are responsible to vote truly care about the community.

Since we are stuck indoors all day, the view out from the justice center is quite nice.


I wish Amtrak made more daytime stops in Cleveland.

For those that work downtown, Cuyahoga County has done a ton of work with increasing green space.

And since I know all of you want to know, our courtroom is relatively quiet.


Well, it is almost lunch time.

Reporting live on day four in the Jury box!


Day-3 of #JuryDuty includes badges and juror deets

Starting Day-3 of #JuryDuty


Seems like Key Tower is getting bigger every day huh?

And yes of course I’m wearing my court identification badge.


These badges are specific to all assigned and possible jurors to alert others to NOT discuss cases. As you may know, part of this judicial process is to keep cases confined to the courtroom – basically until the jury can meet and deliberate.

And no, I can’t tell you what case I’ve been assigned to or details about it. A few judges answered questions about jury duty, but Judge Brendan J. Sheehan took the time to explain in detail, about specific actions as jurors.


Judge Patrick J. Sheehan

Not going to lie, I do enjoy hearing the phrase “All rise for the jury!”

However, the color of the chairs are a bit…dated.


Green and wood – the perfect combo!


Also, the place is covered in wall-to-wall…wood. #SoMuchWood


No smoking indeed.

During lunch today, I walked around the old courthouse. There is some serious architecture action going on here! Years of yellowing (mostly tobacco) has been cleaned/removed and now the freshly refurbished bright white stone architecture shines beautifully for all to see. Darren Toms told me that they filmed a whole bunch of hit movies here including the latest Avengers movie.


They definitely don’t make them like they used to. Heck-just walking up the stairs, you get a chance to see some amazing stained glass work.


Loki’s been here too!

So much history in just in downtown Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. This jury duty assignment has given me the chance to see some great stuff. Best part – all free!

So if you haven’t been down to the old County Courthouse, you should spend a few hours wandering the halls. Jury duty lunch is the perfect time to wander. Also, bring a camera because it is truly a spectacular building.

We are being called back into court so shhhhhhhhhhh!



#JuryDuty has some spectacular views of downtown Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland has some pretty spectacular views of downtown.


Perfect day to be….inside.

Special thanks to Darren Toms on the historical tour at lunch. So much associated with the court system here in NE Ohio.


Ladies and gents….here’s PIO Pro Darren Toms!

Related to my adventures here on #JuryDuty – apparently, I must have said the right things as I was chosen to serve on a criminal case.


Great to see our appointed judge explain the process in detail. This really helps everyone understand the judicial process and the importance of voir dire or Frenchly-translated to say what is true. Lots of questions by potential jurors today.


Appeals court (I wish I was working in this courtroom)

Shhhhh – I gotta pay attention!

Doing my civic duty and reporting live from green chairs in the Justice Center jury booth…


Trump and I are doing this in August

That reminds me…

…I have jury duty next week. Yes, we both are serving jury duty in August. Concidence? Hmmmm. Well, I definitely won’t be arriving to the court house in a limo.

Thanks to Trump for making a spectacle of every American’s civic duty.

Related note: The picture above is TOTALLY FAKE (My friends at CNN just rolled their eyes).