#CJSavesCLE gets nominated for an Emmy!

Super proud to see our little 2015 Christmas project #CJSavesCLE get nominated for an Emmy!


Check out the Fox8 story here.


Cleveland Police, Cleveland FBI, A Special Wish Foundation, led the charge. But so many public safety agencies and officials that made this day possible.


I can’t thank them enough. All the planning was totally worth it.


CJ – still such a cool dude!


Many mahalos to my friend and fellow CPD Public Information Officer Sgt Jen Ciaccia.



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Dedicated professionals making magic happen for #CJSavesCLE 

So much planning – behind the scenes at Fox 8.

Each of these dedicated professional are working tirelessly in making a simple wish come true.

You can help CJ save Christmas too!

Hope you can join all of us IRL tomorrow. Hope to see you there.

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Can this little guy really save Cleveland on Thursday? #CJSavesCLE

Can this hero with half a heart save Cleveland tomorrow?


Find out as I do the live social media reporting all day on Thursday December 17th, 2015.



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