Day-2: Basic Public Information Officers Course #PIO #PAO

Day-2 of FEMA / Ohio EMA Basic Public Information Officer course.

Many of our participants wanted to know what is was like to implement a media pool for an international audience so we obliged by showcasing the May 2013 landmark case of the Cleveland Survivors’ Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight.

After discussing interview tips, we reviewed all media interviews. Everyone got a chance to openly review their newly acquired PIO interview skills.

PC: E. Creech

PC: E. Creech

Sharp PIOs providing some sharp witty responses to the fictitious disaster.

Great discussion on redirection…

…and phrasing…

…and transitional phrasing or bridging…

…and reversing a negative…

…and of course the “no comment” conundrum.

All these in class activities help better our PIO on camera TV interviewing skills.

Meanwhile, a few participants tried to manually control the interview by holding my mic hostage.

Fun times.

Looking forward to our G291: Joint Information System / Joint Information Center class tomorrow on #AlohaFriday.



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