Newly revised Social Media course in OK

Breaking open the seal on the newly revised DHS / FEMA / NDPTC Social Media for Natural Disasters Response and Recovery course.


Break out all my best #octothorp jokes now…


…cause it’s going to be a fun day in the OSDH Situation Room!


Reporting live from OK…


August is a 9-5-6 squared kinda month

July was a success – phew! Now on to August.

First and second week, I’ll be in the left coast – Region-9 baby!

Third week will be in Columbus, Ohio (CBus!) for a few Emergency Management classes. A little love for the home state.

Fourth week I’ll head down to Oklahoma to teach with their state health department on some social media in Region-6 baby!

Fifth week, I’ll get a chance to present at the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Conference.


It’s a 9-5-6 squared kinda month.

Just trying to keep up with the pros…


Hello Blues! #BlueAngels #USN

Got a chance to spend a few with the Blue Angels.


And yes, Fat Albert was there.


As you may already know, the Blue Angels are my favorite performance team.


The do a great job in highlighting and promoting other team members like all the ground support staff and technicians.


Photo cred: USN Blue Angels

And of course Fat Albert too.

Note: Absent in the class seven aircraft lineup is Blue Angel #6 (opposing solo) – RIP Capt Kuss.

DSC_0165 - Copy

They had some issues with the afterburners in #7 so they were doing some extra testing on the ramp. Check out the video:

Super loud huh? #awesome

Glad to see so many out there supporting the best aerial jet performance team.


January 2016 = Four Regions in 4 weeks

December was busier than initially planned although January 2016 is going to be rough.

In the first week, I’ll be lending my rescue expertise to New Jersey. The big city baby!

Second week, I’ll be headed to central Illinois to teach at Illinois State University. Just hoping to snag a few gondolas on my way there.

Third week, I south to teach at the Houston (Texas) Office of Emergency Management. I haven’t seen Mel since our Advanced PIO class.

Fourth week, I head to present to the big bosses at TEEX. Then a quick turnaround midweek, then off to North Carolina for preparedness and continuity keynote.


2016’s new slate is ripe – so no time to waste. Go get it!


3 Regions in February 2015

Freakin February! Looks like a busy busy month!
First week I’ll be in Region-6 teaching in Texas.
Second week, I’ll be breaking it down in Region-4 at the 2015 International Disaster Conference & Expo in New Orleans.
Third week, we will swing back to Region-5 to O-H-I-O and teaching in Cincinnati, Columbus, Geneva, New Philadelphia, and Medina.
Throw in a Workshop with the FBI and my very first #Hackathon – February is going to be a crazy month.


Bring it February.