February 2018 is a 4 and 5 and 3 kinda month

Seems like January went on forever…but February is finally here!

In the first week, it’s all about preparedness in a few classes on Hazardous Weather in Region 4…which is timely as we all have been having challenges with weather this year. Hope to get a chance to meet up with the state director too.

Second week, I’ll be hitting the HSEEP hard as I pop another Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program class for Emergency Management. I am also hoping to attend my 2018 refresher weather class on Weather Spotter on Thursday too. Region-5 baby!

Third week in Region-3 cause I’ll be back at EMI for the Advanced PIO Class and the Master PIO Program. Will I be seeing you in my class?!?

And the fourth week, I head back to Summit County, Ohio to teach the Basic PIO course. That’s right – in a matter of three short weeks, I will have the Basic and Advanced and Master PIO Courses. Also looking forward to our quarterly training with news media at WOIO Channel 19/43 CBS affiliate. DM me for more deets.

Keep em safe peeps!


Controlled demolition explosion at 0100 #CLE #Cleveland #Ohio

At 1AM – Kaboom!

@Illuminatingco Don’t be alarmed! Residents near E 72 and the Shoreway in CLE may hear explosions around 1 a.m. as part of planned demo of Lake Shore Plant.

Bird’s Eye view from @FirstEnergyCorp here.

And @MVielhaber’s wide shot here.


Don’t be scared. Or scurred.



February is almost all Region-5 and a roll out of a brand new social media course in Colorado

January was fast paced but February 2017 is going to be lots more hustle too!

In the first week, its another great Basic Public Information Officer’s course and Joint Information Center course at Wayne Township Fire. Love me some Region-5 baby!

Second week, I’ll be leading the Incident Management Team Logistics Section Chief Course in Dayton – the home of Ohio Urban Search and Rescue Task Force-1 (OH-TF-01). Teaching FEMA EMI courses are super fun. Week long Logistics is AWESOME!

Third week, we will be back in Athens, Ohio bringing our Basic Public Information Officer’s course (G-290) and Joint Information Center course (G-291) with one of my favorite instructors Erica aka Mama PIO in Region-5 again!

Fourth week, I head back to Centennial to debut a brand new course for FEMA/NDPTC on social media. Looking forward to seeing my Colorado peeps again at the state Emergency Operations Center. Region 8 in the hizzouse!


Busy February! Hope to see you my classes!


Diverse assignments for February 2016

January was busy and February is going to be stacked too!

In the first week, I’ll be back doing some fire-rescue work between Ohio and New Jersey. 

Second week, I’ll be headed to Georgia to review a new instructor candidate (I hope he does well).

Third week, I’m back in Ohio coordinating and planning for upcoming events.

And the fourth week, I will be heading to Oklahoma for a symposium. Big bosses will be there and likely I will meet the new Director of Individual and Community Preparedness at DHS/FEMA. Suit up!
Maybe March will be more calm.


3 Regions in February 2015

Freakin February! Looks like a busy busy month!
First week I’ll be in Region-6 teaching in Texas.
Second week, I’ll be breaking it down in Region-4 at the 2015 International Disaster Conference & Expo in New Orleans.
Third week, we will swing back to Region-5 to O-H-I-O and teaching in Cincinnati, Columbus, Geneva, New Philadelphia, and Medina.
Throw in a Workshop with the FBI and my very first #Hackathon – February is going to be a crazy month.


Bring it February.