Fugly little thing messing up weather today #Groundhogs day

PIO message –

Friendly reminder: REAL weather predictions should be based from real science (like our professionals from the National Weather Service @)…not a fugly little fat groundhog on one-single day.

C’mon peeps! Common sense right?!?



Morning briefing with FEMA #USAR IN-TF-1 #PA-TF-1 #CA

Starting my morning off with a quick briefing from the FEMA Indiana USAR big daddy….

Ladies and gents, put your hands together for the world famous WTFD Captain….FIRE MIKE!

MICHAEL PRUITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, just glad to see a familiar face in the disaster.


October has the big four: 3-9-5-NCAP #SURINDC

As National Preparedness Month closes, my October 2015 schedule is going to be very challenging. And as you know, I have to win. Here’s the plan:

First week: I’ll be in Carlisle, Pennsylvania presenting on Social Media in disasters. Pope out, Sur in! Glad to be back in Region-3.

Second week: I’ll be headed back to the Silicon Valley area presenting on social media specifically for large event planning and monitoring (because it’s all about the L right? Wait, it’s all about the 5-0 right?) I also hope to catch up to one of the VIPs at Intel. Since retiring from Emergency Management, his pro career intrigues me – so I believe some synergies could happen. Additionally, I get a chance to brainstorm with an extremely talented colleague from the NWS Sacramento office. I rant about “building relationships before an emergency” so I assure you that I am practicing what I preach. Love love LOVE me some Region-9!

Third week: I’ll be at Fairfield County (Ohio) Emergency Management Agency popping the G-290: Basic Public Information Officers Course and G-291: Joint Information Center / Joint Information System (JIC/JIS) courses. It will definitely be great to see my friend Director Kochis  and crews again – back in Region-5.

Fourth week: I’ll be presenting at FEMA HQ in Washington DC on social media. Yep, at the big house. OMG. This is a big presentation. Big. REALLY BIG. While at HQ, I am hoping to catch up with Lumpkins, Kamoie, FEMA’s Digital Engagement Team…and since we’re fresh off the heels of National Preparedness month grabbing a cup of coffee with my besties from ReadyGov and PrepareAthon. Love me some HQ preparedness action! Additionally, I am hoping to grab a few meetings with my friends at the Pentagon and NGA too. Special thanks to US Representative Fudge (OH-11) for some extra time with Congress and a stop at the White House. Yep. The White House. Again. #SURINDC NCAP region!


It’s going to be a challenge month all October long.

Get it.


4 regions in March 2015

March has turned into a gigantic month!

First week, I’ll be in Kansas (Region-7).

Second week, I’ll be in Pennsylvania (Region-3).

Third week, I’ll be in Ohio…more specifically rolling out a brand new social media course for FEMA in Cincinnati (Region-5).

Fourth week, I’ll be in southern Ohio teaching more PIO stuff for health departments (still in Region-5).

Fifth week, I’ll be in Kentucky (Region-4).

I’m trying to squeeze in a tactical course w/ the lads from ICE somewhere in there, but I’m not making any promises.

March is indeed a busy month.


Are we there yet?



Solid weekend ICS class in Belmont County

Great weekend ICS class!


Good mix of participants from Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Alabama (serving FEMA Region-5, Region-3, and Region-4).


Building all-hazards partnerships early and planning together is a defining factor for success…esp in HAZMAT emergencies.


Special thanks to Antero and Belmont County Emergency Management Agency for the hospitality.


Glad to be a small part in facilitating the new partnerships.


Great time teaching at the PEMA 2014 Emergency Management Conference

I had a great time teaching at the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) 2014 Emergency Management Conference.


Learned a TON of stuff and terminology too.

Special thanks to PEMA Director Glenn Cannon, Chief Deputy Director Robert Full, Director Norm Auvil, Acting STO Stephen Michelone Jr, EM Spec Graham Hess, and all the Area Directors for the hospitality.

Also glad to finally meet the FEMA Region III Training and Exercise Team.

It is outstanding to see such solid partnerships with Keystone Emergency Management Agency (KEMA) and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) esp when it comes to the organization of such a large event.



September assignments to R5 & R3 – Also #NatlPrep #Prepared2014

After hopping around Region V in August, I’ll be able to stretch out a bit and swing east into Region-3. The September intel training class in DC will be rescheduled and (hoping that it’ll) get moved to the Pentagon.

At this time, it is Pennsylvania, Maryland, and back in Ohio for September.


The outlook for October has a wider spread as I have been assigned to Region-V, Region-IV, and Region-III.

Keep smiling because it’s 2014 National Preparedness Month! (MY FAVORITE MONTH)


Presenting at PEMA statewide conference in September

Looks like I’ll be presenting Public Information Officer (PIO) / Social Media stuff at the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) statewide conference in September.

Region-III baby!





Will I see you there?