2018 Master Public Information Officer Program #Squad

My #Squad

2018 Master Public Information Officer #SquadGoals

2018 Master Public Information Officer #SquadGoals

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!



Brand new FEMA #NDPTC Social Media Engagement Strategies at State of Colorado EOC

I am honored to bring a brand new social media course out: FEMA/NDPTC Social Media Engagement Strategies

This particular social media course has been under development for the past few years. With it’s first delivery in the Pacific NW in 2015. But the best part is today’s course is in Colorado! 

At the heart of FEMA Region 8 – these peeps know their stuff.

State of Colorado PIO Micki Trost welcoming all the participants in the class. 

Many of the PIOs in class today are from almost all ESFs including a strong contingent from ESF-01: Transportation!

Great partnerships with local, state, Federal partners, and DoD representatives in class today.

I also got a chance to share my field deployable PIO Kit (aka my man bag / man purse / European carry all)

Great discussion on social media and how to increase engagement on various platforms including Slackk, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Musicaly, SoundFile, and of course a few tips on how to have a corrrdinated approach to dissemination of information to external partners as well as internal employees. Remember, all internal employees (if they consent) could be brand ambassadors of their agency.

Active in class discussion as well as spirited activity in class w/ EOC and VOST teams can mutually benefit if both understand the needs and requests.

And also a VERY special shout out to the courses creator: Cheryl “HAZMAT MiniVan” Bledsoe. #famous 

Obv, MaryJo and I are stoked to be the first instructors to bring this to Colorado!

Stay safe peeps, it’s only Wednesday.

Engage on social media like a MoFo and always do good stuff.

Reporting live from the State of Colorado Department of Homeland Security Emergency Operations Center…


The smell of fresh EOC in the morning…for a brand new Social Media course in Colorado  

“I love the smell of fresh EOC in the morning…”

Let’s get our social media on!

Say #Aloha to the brand new FEMA / NDPTC Social Media Engagement Strategies class!

Reporting live from the State of Colorado Emergency Operations Center…


February is almost all Region-5 and a roll out of a brand new social media course in Colorado

January was fast paced but February 2017 is going to be lots more hustle too!

In the first week, its another great Basic Public Information Officer’s course and Joint Information Center course at Wayne Township Fire. Love me some Region-5 baby!

Second week, I’ll be leading the Incident Management Team Logistics Section Chief Course in Dayton – the home of Ohio Urban Search and Rescue Task Force-1 (OH-TF-01). Teaching FEMA EMI courses are super fun. Week long Logistics is AWESOME!

Third week, we will be back in Athens, Ohio bringing our Basic Public Information Officer’s course (G-290) and Joint Information Center course (G-291) with one of my favorite instructors Erica aka Mama PIO in Region-5 again!

Fourth week, I head back to Centennial to debut a brand new course for FEMA/NDPTC on social media. Looking forward to seeing my Colorado peeps again at the state Emergency Operations Center. Region 8 in the hizzouse!


Busy February! Hope to see you my classes!


Teaching again in the State of Colorado Emergency Operations Center

Glad to be back at the State of Colorado Emergency Operations Center teaching.


Region-8 baby!

More specifically, teaching the new advanced social media course: PER-344.


So many engaged peeps in this class…esp with such fun instructors!



Reporting live from Colorado…


This busy 5-7-8-6-5 December will close out 2016

Slight delayed as I was OCONUS – but December is here! December is here!

First week, I’ll be presenting at the 2016 County Engineers Association of Ohio’s Annual Winter Conference. I’ll then be on a special detail to the Blue Springs Police Department (Missouri). And then teaching some social media in Topeka for the State of Kansas Emergency Management. Region-7 baby!

Second week, I’ll be back at the State of Colorado’s Emergency Operations Center to teach the new FEMA/NDPTC social media tools and techniques course. Region-8 is great!

Third week, I’ll head down to Region-6 to Baton Rouge to teach another FEMA/NDPTC social media tools and techniques course.

And then the fourth week, I’ll be in southern Ohio teaching a detailed public information course and crisis communications workshop. Back in Region-5!


How did the holidays get SO busy?!?!

Be safe peeps!



Only three in April right?

April has arrived like a wrecking ball, so sorry about the 7-day delay in posting my April schedule.

First week, I’ll be getting back from instructing in Colorado (Region-8). Also, I’m launching my own clothing line. Heh.

Second week, I’ll be teaching social media in Cincinnati at the Regional Operations Center aka TheROC (Region-5).

Third week, I’ll be in Nebraska presenting on social media and crisis communications (Region-7).

Fourth week, I’ll be in Michigan supporting the US Department of Homeland Security and Public Safety Canada with a bunch of seminars, a few EOC workshops, and then culminating with a TableTop Exercise (TTE). Bring your best ICS forms because we are repping the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) action in the hizzouse! (Region-5).

Fifth week is still not exactly defined. Likely, I will be in a “ready status” #mylife amiright?

Also, I am hoping that April gets warmer too.