Created and designed and now piloting the new SM

I rolled out my new FEMA presentation for FEMA Region-4 peeps at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL.

At this time, this course is the semi-final pilot so I’m almost there!

Obvs, I had to incorporate a great preparedness campaign from my friends at the CDC.  Have you heard of their preparedness campaign before? It costed the CDC a killer $87 (Get it? I’m so punny).

How about them Zombies?

Classroom activities make it easier for our all-hazards partners to come up with good messaging during preparedness, response, and recovery.

Shared experiences and open discussion amongst public safety providers allows for solid social media solutions to be developed for many common issues.

Participants use various hardware and software platforms to complete each assigned performance-based task. This showcases the spectrum of social media that spans hardware and software differences.

Final will be presented for certification in August in FEMA Region-9 at the State of California Emergency Operations Center located in Sacramento.

So nervous! But seriously, I’m so excited for this project, I can’t even…


Ebola treatment at Grady with CDC

Thanks to the pros at Grady on their hospitality. As you may remember, Grady was one of the first health systems to treat Ebola patients here in the United States.

Grady works closely with their partners in health at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Both agencies are in Atlanta, so it puts them in a very unique position to integrally work in specialized treatment in stopping this deadly outbreak.

Thanks again for the warm hospitality.