2016 World Series Game-7 in Cleveland! #RallyTogether #GoTribe

2016 World Series Game-7: Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians.

Look, let’s keep it simple for the final game.

Let’s hope for a solid game from both teams – It’s been quite a series so may the best team win.

Indeed both teams are worthy of being crowned the 2016 World Series Champions.

Most importantly, I hope for all celebrations to remain calm and peaceful.

For the sake of all the public safety professionals working, celebrate responsibly.

And don’t forget to scream #GoTribe #Windians and #RallyTogether

For more info, follow @CLEPolice

Reporting in from Cleveland…


November includes the 2016 World Series too #GoTribe #RallyTogether #Windians

October was great but a busy November is here!

First week, I’ll be supporting the Cleveland PIOs during the 2016 World Series. Later in the week, I’ll be in southern Ohio teaching ICS-400 in Belmont County (Ohio).

Second week will be a few social media classes in SE Georgia who are still in recovery operations from Hurricane Matthew.

Third week will be all Arizona.

And then the Fourth week will some Thanksgiving fun.


Who’s excited for Turkey in November? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And for tonight’s World Series Game-6 Cubs vs Indians: #GoTribe #RallyTogether #Windians



2016 World Series Game-2 field work for PIOs #GoTribe #RallyTogether

Doing some Public Information Officer (PIO) stuff during the 2016 World Series was fun.

Like in any deployment, don’t forget to sign in, or else Jobu will chase you down!


Jobu says sign in on the ICS-211 form #GoTribe #MajorLeague

Stadium was packed!


2016 World Series game-2: Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians

Don’t think it’s all glamour, PIOs spend gobs of time crafting specific messages tailored to each situation.


PIOs in the midst of discussing the use of gifs.

In the end, ESF-15 and all PIOs/PAOs are there to support all of our partners in public safety.


ESF-15 in the hizzouse!

Looking forward to game-3 in Chicago.


Slider and Rusnivek

#GoTribe #RallyTogether