Honoring former President George HW Bush

For this day of #NationalDayOfMourning, I honor Veteran and former President George HW Bush w/ continued service to our great nation…and a strong sock game.

Thank you for your lifelong service to our great nation.

The entry flag at the George HW Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.

The entry flag at the George HW Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.

Thank you.

#Remembering41‚Ā† #SocksforBush ūüáļūüáł



2016 World Series Game-7 in Cleveland! #RallyTogether #GoTribe

2016 World Series Game-7: Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians.

Look, let’s keep it simple for the final game.

Let’s hope for a solid game from both teams – It’s been quite a series so may the best team win.

Indeed both teams are worthy of being crowned the 2016 World Series Champions.

Most importantly, I hope for all celebrations to remain calm and peaceful.

For the sake of all the public safety professionals working, celebrate responsibly.

And don’t forget to scream #GoTribe #Windians and #RallyTogether

For more info, follow @CLEPolice

Reporting in from Cleveland…


November includes the 2016 World Series too #GoTribe #RallyTogether #Windians

October was great but a busy November is here!

First week, I‚Äôll be supporting the Cleveland PIOs during the 2016 World Series. Later in the week, I’ll be in southern Ohio teaching ICS-400 in Belmont County (Ohio).

Second week will be a few social media classes in SE Georgia who are still in recovery operations from Hurricane Matthew.

Third week will be all Arizona.

And then the Fourth week will some Thanksgiving fun.


Who’s excited for Turkey in November? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And for tonight’s World Series Game-6 Cubs vs Indians: #GoTribe #RallyTogether #Windians



Instructing the National Emergency Management Executive Academy at FEMA

Pretty excited to¬†instruct again on Monday at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute.


My class is the newer National Emergency Management Academies EM Professional Programs (EMPP) – Executive Academy.


I’m truly honored to be chosen to instruct the National Emergency Management Executive Academy that¬†focuses on Strategic Leadership and Critical Thinking. My part? Crisis Communications, Public Information Officer, and Social Media Exercises.


Sunnies on and pin on point!

I hope to see you in class on Monday!

Totes excited.



My notes from the webinar today #PrepPartners

I had an hour this afternoon to listen/participate in a Webinar.


What did I learn?

  • Physical equipment/barriers are great attention-getters for attendees.
  • Teach your participants to use¬†simple objects to enact the most change (use during evacuation).
  • “See Something, Say Something” or “See Something, Do Something”.
  • Once temperatures reach certain thresholds, offer free cup water to anyone at any concession stand.
  • Buy-in from various All-Hazard agencies is key to working together. Even more important, having them attend your in-person briefings.
  • During a disaster:¬†Safety agencies meeting for the first time =¬†not so good.
  • During a disaster:¬†Radio/phone to Radio/phone = OK.
  • During a disaster:¬†Working together Face-to-face in the EOC¬†= priceless.
  • Despite funny looking, Water Monsters (ie cooling stations) are VERY important.
  • At least 4 redundant radio communications needed for large scale pre-planned events. Amateur Radio is 5th line backup for regional comms.
  • No tailgaiting drinking at OSU games…I guess that’s why Browns fans don’t often attend OSU games early.
  • The timing of exercises is key and public perception and should always be considered.

Use the tips above to keep you and your peeps safe.

Special thanks to Columbus Public Health and Ohio State University for hosting.