“Attending” the #GSMCon2017 in Dallas #coasttocoastkevin

Today, I am “attending” the Government Social Media Conference (#GSMCon2017) in Dallas.

Thanks to a few late night ideas spurred by Maryland Emergency Management’s Emily Allen (@allen_emilym) and Garden Grove Fire California Capt Nguyen (@PIOthanhn).


Sounds like an interesting talk from Mary Jo Flynn and Sarah Miller now on Social Media and UAS use by government officials.

Ahem. Well, what can I say?

Maybe a few safety messages on keeping your mobile devices charged…..Wait, Lazo can you help?

I tried to win a few raffle prizes, but sadly that didn’t happen.

While on the step and repeat, Conference host Kristy Dalton is giving me the look…the look to attend #GSMCon2018 too.

I spy, with my right eye…Bronlea too!

Reporting live from…..well Dallas!


Future training plans with Florida’s top emergency management leaders

Talking future training plans with Florida’s top emergency management leaders today.


(From left to right) FDEM Region-5 Coordinator Shawn Collins, FDEM Regional Coordination Manager Jim Roberts, FDEM Director Bryan Koon, FEMA/NDPTC Instructor John Bobel, FEPA Past President Anne Miller, and FEMA/NDPTC Instructor Kevin Sur.

FDEM=Florida Department of Emergency Management

FEPA=Florida Emergency Preparedness Association