Twinsburg Fire for a bit today

Spent part of my day at Twinsburg Fire (Summit County, OH).

Great to see Fire Chief Tim Morgan. Fun fact, I first met him when he was a new red helmet. We talked a bit about regionalization as well as building partnerships through our IMTs (Incident Management Teams).

But the fun began when I got a chance to chat with Assistant Fire Chief Steve Bosso about PIO stuff.

And of course other stuff too.

Say it with me: “partnerships”

Trust me, its great to have such an outspoken advocate for safety at Twinsburg and Summit County.

Be safe peeps – always lean on your trusted fellow peeps before the big one hits.


My old friend = new NEOhio ARC Disaster Program Officer

Congrats to my old friend Tim O’Toole – the new Disaster Program Officer for the Northeast Ohio Red Cross!


Tim just retired out of the Cleveland Fire Department as an Assistant Fire Chief…

Photo credit: Robert Burrow

CFD AC O’Toole. (Photo credit: Robert Burrow)

…and yes, Tim and I wore white helmets together.

We worked several large incidents and events for Fire/EMS as well as Emergency Management. Tim is an incredible resource for NE Ohio. I am so glad to see that he will continue to serve the area for the American Red Cross.


Teaching in the State of Ohio EOC today

Good to have Ohio Emergency Management Agency (OEMA) Assistant Director Sima Merick and OEMA Deputy Director Russ Decker welcome our PIO/SM class today at the state EOC.


After lunch, OEMA Public Information Officer (PIO) Jay Carey brief our attending PIOs here in the state Emergency Operations Center (EOC).


Working the PIO magic!


Great start to today’s OEMA social media class

Another great morning here at the State of Ohio Emergency Operations Center.

Various agencies from all over the state in attendance at today’s social media class.

Special thanks to Ohio EMA Assistant Director Sima Merick for the welcome message.



Now to break down more info and tools on how effective PIOs (Public Information Officers) or PAOs (Public Affair Officers) engage on social media.


Excited to be instructing a bunch of PIOs today.


Wait, the Yarnell Fire Chief Jim Koile dumped a dead girl’s body in the desert in 1973? #firefighter

Wait, Yarnell Fire Chief Koile dumped a dead girl’s body in the desert in 1973? But yet, they still allowed him as Fire Chief?!?!?!?!?!


That’s really really bad.