FL National Guard supporting recovery mission in Florida Keys #TAG

Got a chance to work with the Florida National Guard today. Their tasks set by Florida Governor Scott was clear to support Floridians in disaster recovery. FEMA’s role has always been to support and coordinate actions of resources in disaster response and recovery.

Here’s FEMA LNO John Allen greeted Brig General Canzoneri at the Key West International Airport.

Military partnerships are critical in a successful mission…esp this one. Hurricane Irma was devastating for almost all commmunities in the Florida Keys. Glad to provide Federal support to this team.

We were able to see the Florida National Guard working hard to cleanup one of the residential houses from a disaster survivor. We witnessed first hand those dedicated soldiers were giving to so many communities throughout the Florida Keys.

Hole in the roof? Roof ops? No problem. The National Guard has you covered.

A quick talk from the TAG to the troops and thanking them for their efforts…

…as well as a few words of wisdom from other leadership attending today’s events.

…but the work continued on for the entire team.

A handshake from leadership goes a long way.

Proud of their efforts in so many communities in Florida. Each one of them giving their time away from home, away from family…just so they can help rebuild another family.

This is what any American would do when someone needs help.

Believe me when I say, I am so glad to be a small part of this team and to tell this story. Great people helping out great people. Straight up, this is America.

This is what we train for. This is why we prepare. This is what we do


Wanna be a truckie? Learn it here #Firefighter Roof Operations Training Course

Fire Training – Roof Operations Course coming up on Saturday January 18th, 2014 from 1330-1730 (C).


midway-apartment-fire-vertical-vent-sc - Copy



Look Chief, I’m not sure what happened, but…. #Firefighter

Look Chief, I’m not sure what happened, but…. #Firefighter



So the truck is reportedly new (2013). This kinda stuff happens. Plus, being a brand new truck, all areas in district should have been tested for response. I am hoping for no injuries. Perhaps this is a good time for everyone who are getting new apparatus, to test ALL areas (including mutual aid areas) for response and height clearances. EVERYONE should review their routes in response areas and bridge height clearances.



Another #Firefighter Roof Operations hands-on training on December 20th


midway-apartment-fire-vertical-vent-sc - Copy

Swing an axe? Need to cut holes? Need to Ventilation? Or do you have the need for some destruction? Come join us at our Roof Operations Training course!

Roof Operations – “Truck/Ladder Company”


Note: This course usually fills up fast. So as the saying goes, “Don’t be second due…”


#Firefighter Roof Operations hands-on training in December?

Who’s excited for some Firefighter Roof Operations hands-on training in December?

midway-apartment-fire-vertical-vent-sc - Copy

Cutting holes in roofs the right way!

Can you handle it? Are you tough enough? Or are you just afraid of truck operations…

Standby for details…