Day-2 of the State of Ohio #Basic #PIO class #Summit

Day-2 of the State of Ohio Basic Public Information Officers’ Course here in Summit County. And yaaassss, #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink!

Started off the morning talking about interview skills and techniques that are readily used by both PIOs and Reporters/Photojournalists.

Reviewed all oncamera interviews from all the participants in our class.

We want to prepare our new PIOs with the best training so they are capable off hitting the ground running representing their agency positively in a crisis or emergency.

Steve brought in the Team from WKYC (NBC affiliate) Akron Office to be our panel discussion.

Lots of great points including what could make or break a PIO – esp for a close tight knit community like Akron and Summit County. Special thanks to Reporter Amani Abraham and Photojournalist Carl Bachtel on their insight to news media.

PC: Bosso

I was able to get my friend Cleveland Police PIO Sgt Jennifer Ciaccia to give a dual presentation with me on the 2016 Republican National Convention and other Cleveland activities.

As a team, Jen and I are solid, but we recognize that others are needed to establish the efforts of PIOing within their own communities – no matter pre-planned event or emergency.

And yes, we addressed how PIOs need to keep current on social media trends esp on national cool campaigns…like the mannequin challenge.

Again, special thanks to Jen on the support of today’s State of Ohio Basic PIO class.

PC: Bosso

PC: Bosso

Afternoon was dedicated to the PIO TTX. We setup two groups with all participants for the in class mock press conference and they did a solid job. Both groups worked together…

…and formulated talking points….

…organized and strategically thought out a press conferences agenda…

…prepped speakers…

And of course controlled the unruly fictitious media reps from OZRadio, WTF, and the YellowBrickRoadNews. FEMA Phil and USFA Tom would be so proud of us MPIOs to see us working the press conference part of the class.

Another great day for PIO training in the State of Ohio!


FL National Guard supporting recovery mission in Florida Keys #TAG

Got a chance to work with the Florida National Guard today. Their tasks set by Florida Governor Scott was clear to support Floridians in disaster recovery. FEMA’s role has always been to support and coordinate actions of resources in disaster response and recovery.

Here’s FEMA LNO John Allen greeted Brig General Canzoneri at the Key West International Airport.

Military partnerships are critical in a successful mission…esp this one. Hurricane Irma was devastating for almost all commmunities in the Florida Keys. Glad to provide Federal support to this team.

We were able to see the Florida National Guard working hard to cleanup one of the residential houses from a disaster survivor. We witnessed first hand those dedicated soldiers were giving to so many communities throughout the Florida Keys.

Hole in the roof? Roof ops? No problem. The National Guard has you covered.

A quick talk from the TAG to the troops and thanking them for their efforts…

…as well as a few words of wisdom from other leadership attending today’s events.

…but the work continued on for the entire team.

A handshake from leadership goes a long way.

Proud of their efforts in so many communities in Florida. Each one of them giving their time away from home, away from family…just so they can help rebuild another family.

This is what any American would do when someone needs help.

Believe me when I say, I am so glad to be a small part of this team and to tell this story. Great people helping out great people. Straight up, this is America.

This is what we train for. This is why we prepare. This is what we do


Special project today with Cleveland Safety Forces #MannequinChallenge

Secret project this morning with lots of smiles…


Lots of holiday cheer…


All for this…

Ohhh yeah, the #MannequinChallenge

Outstanding work to all Cleveland public safety forces!



Dauphin flight during Oshkosh 2016

Love seeing this video of a Dauphin flight at Oshkosh – thanks to the USCG Traverse City (MI) and Steve Kinevo.

The aircraft hum.

The start/lift sequence.

The pilot/crew challenge.

Not going to lie, I kinda miss being in a rotor wing aircraft now.



Cold Water Challenge aka IceBucketChallenge

So I was called out on the Cold Water Challenge by
1. Amanda Ball, Outreach Coordinator at MedFlight of Ohio
2. Mark Ramach, Retired Brook Park Fire Chief
3. Firefighter/Paramedic Andy Morales, Cleveland ARFF
4. Ken Ledford, Bedford Heights Fire Chief

Since Amanda was the first one to call me out, I have given her the nod to dump an entire cooler full of ice water on me.


Special thanks to Truck-2 on the assist.

So I’m calling out:
1. Erica Creech, Communications Manager of Cleveland Water
2. John O’Brien, Communications Specialist of Cuyahoga County Sheriffs
3. Gayle Celebreeze, Flight Nurse from University Hospitals MedEvac
4. Andrew Doyle, Firefighter Paramedic with Baltimore City Fire

You have 24-hours.
Starting now.

Cold water challenge in a restricted area? No joy!

Since this is a restricted area, I just asked the commanding officer of the USCG station if I could do the Firefighter cold water challenge here under the Golden Gate Bridge…they said no.


Don’t worry, I’ll keep trying.




Ordinary people – Please do something extraordinary

We are all put on earth to do something amazing.

And yes, anyone can do amazing things…even you. Get inspired by ordinary people who take extraordinary actions. Yes, I said go from ordinary to extraordinary.

For example, check these ordinary people out.

I honestly hope you do the same for others. I would.

So Veteran’s Day 2013, a big special thanks to my Dad who served in some shady areas who did some extraordinary stuff there. Also special thanks to all other Veteran’s who served and are still serving this great country.

For everyone else on this Veteran’s Day, I challenge you to do something extraordinary.

No matter how small or how big, take a part in this great day of remembrance and celebration for those who have served and provided our extraordinary freedoms that we all have in this great country.

Please do something extraordinary.